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Hello I’m LiTedra

I’m a third generation stylist turned curl specialist that has been licensed in the state of Florida for 24 years now. I’m also licensed in your state Georgia. I’ve been advancing with natural hair since 2007.

I started working with natural hair in 1995 with my own hair. This was the first time since the age of 5 that I did not have some sort of chemical in my hair.

Age 5 y’all! This goes to let you know what type of hair my folks thought I had, or just how bad I would cut up when it was time to get my hair combed. Or maybe both, so I understand the struggle. In 1995 I decided that I wanted to know “what” and “who” I really was, yeah, I said what. See, when I was younger, any time there was conversation around my hair it was followed by a lot of head shaking and horror stories. During these conversations I was often left feeling “less than” and often wondering why I was created this way. So in 1995 I was ready to face her, face me and love her no matter what! With a burning desire to learn to be healthy inside and out, I did it! The first of many big chops happened, and along with that I began to learn to eat healthy and be healthy, before that was really a thing. My Journey began by getting to know me and my hair, not only getting to know me but loving me and the curls that I only seemed to see when my hair was soaking wet. After two sets of locs, one set of sister locs, two kids, and three big chops (and throw in a couple of back siding moments to “The Creamy Crack”) – I have arrived here with HEALTHY HYDRATED HAIR!

I persisted through the lack of products for naturals and the challenge of way too many random products that could make an encyclopedia set. While transitioning hundreds of women from relaxer to natural, and mastering “The Silk Press” before it became that in the Pensacola area, my sister April (also a natural/curl specialist), found I am Black Girls Curl/Cut It Kinky.
In the beginning of 2019 I embarked on completing a 6 weeks intensive course, flying to Chicago twice and Memphis once, all before Covid-19. Once we resumed back into the salon after being shut down for 3 months I have focused exclusively on safely providing, guiding and coaching over 300 curly/kinky hair services to natural woman in Pensacola and surrounding areas. I can say I am ready, ready for what? Ready to help change the narrative of how Black women around the world experience their hair, by unlearning and relearning basic hair care practices


Hello I’m April Kyles

I’m a third-generation professional hairstylist. With over 20 years of professional research, knowledge, and hands on experience. I began developing my skills during high school as a shampoo assistant. After high school I obtained my professional license, at the same time I began my own natural hair journey. It is my personal journey that led me to do more research and become vastly educated in natural hair. This education and research inspired me to provide my obtained knowledge and skills to my clients.

Over the last decade and 1/2 as my knowledge and skills have dived deeper into the world and technique of natural hair so have my services to my clientele. My last class, Cut It Kinky, has allowed me to develop my skills in the art of cutting and styling the natural kinks and curls of the hair and is the latest service that I now provide.

Ready to begin your curl care experience?