Where is Unity Salon and Spa Center located?

We are located at:
919 W Michigan Ave,
Pensacola FL

1415 Hwy 85 N Suite 120/Studio 202
Fayetteville GA 30214

Do you accept walk-ins?

No, we do not accept walk-ins at this time. Same day appointment are welcomed when available. All clients must book through our website. Please visit the Book Now page to schedule your appointment.

Does the salon have Wi-Fi?

Yes, wi-fi is available.

Can I bring my family or friend with me to my appointment?

Due to limited seating and in order to help create a calming and relaxing environment we ask only those who have an appointment be present.

Can I make an appointment over the phone or in person?

All appointments are booked here.

If I don’t see a time/day that i really want can I get it anyway?

No, if you don’t see a date or time you’re interested in it is likely cause it’s already booked or I’m not available.

Can I schedule out my appointments months in advance?

Yes we currently have our books opened for 90 days to help make sure everyone is able to stay on track for maintenance appointments.

Do I have to leave my credit card on file to make an appointment?

You do need a valid credit card or debit card you reserve your appointment, however you do not have to store your information after your service is complete unless you would like to.

I just want a trim. Do you offer just this service?

For environmental and hygiene purpose we don’t offer just trims. There’s no way to properly trim natural hair when the hair has not been freshly shampooed, stretched, blow-dried, or in a wash-n-go set.

How should I wear my hair to my appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment with hair thoroughly detangled free of heavy products (example: oils, grease, butter). Surprise ponytails could occur the detangling fee.

Do I have to do one of the Works Services if I have not been there in a while (16 weeks or longer) or a New Client?

Yes, the Works Services was created with the clients needs in mind. Due to all of the miscommunication in the internet streets and youtube we’re finding that clients that have not found a great natural hair stylist come to us needing a lot of help with their hair. In order to provide the desired result that most clients are requesting we’ve added 2-3 extra steps to our foundation services for proper natural hair care with the works, which include a consultation to access where the client currently is and where the clients hair goals are. We Detox the hair from all of the product build-up and minerals deposit. The Works Services also include trimming, shaping or cutting the hair, product knowledge with proper use and a lesson with the Works for Curls. Doing these extra steps help to ensure that the naturals that have been more hands on will have the necessary tools to actually reach their goal instead of just obtaining a style for a week or two.