New Client Services

Our “Works” Services are all-inclusive designed with the new client in mind to provide them with most desired results. (A new client is considered a person that has never received a service with us or their last service has been longer than 16 weeks)

What You Get

  • These services start off with an in-depth consultation learning as much as we can about the client’s hair history, lifestyle and essential elements.
  • We also help with establishing short term & long term goals, and a game plan with recommended products and appointment visits to achieve those goals.
  • We will be gently detoxing to remove butter/oil/petroleum/PEG/silicone/ Wetline Gel/Eco Styler Gel ….. that have been hindering your hair from its true potential.
  • Restoring hair with Olaplex/Moisture/Protein as needed.
  • Making sure ends are at a superior state by trimming or shaping them so that your tresses are at their best expression.
  • After these steps are taken we will proceed with whichever service that follows the “Works”

Works For Curls also include a detailed styling lesson with visuals images and a step by step take home regimen on how to achieve a 7 Day Wash & Go.

Getting the Most out of your service

Our approach is not traditional. In order to experience the most optimal results we need for you to start the detoxing process at least 2 weeks at home first. The first part of your detox will be mental. You’ll have to let go of everything you think you know about taking care of your hair. This means to release all of your learning from YouTube University and Mom & Grandma’s Teaching. (if you’re here those teachings are not working or you’re looking for something else). “If you always do what you always done you’ll always get what you got”. The second part is the STOP Part of the detox. Stop using ALL oils, STOP using butter & creams and STOP using Eco-styler gels. Finally, you will need to shampoo, condition and style your hair with a total of 3-4 products at least 2 weeks in a row with the suggested product below.

Before You Book

We do not make hair care recommendations over the phone. If you would like us to address a specific concern, please book a “Works Service”.

To avoid a scheduling conflict, YOU MUST BOOK A WORKS SERVICE as your 1st appointment (Works For Curls, Works For Twist or Works For Silk-Press) After your first visit, you’re free to select other services from the menu. If you select a service that is not specified as a “Works”, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment.

BOOK ONLINE. All appointments required to be made via online. If you call to book, you will still be redirected to our site.

All times for services do not include drying

Works for Curls Experience

4 hours

You are ready to partner with your Curl Coach and we will provide you with a 1-1 Hands On Training. You will learn how to effectively Manage & Style your Natural Hair. We will be covering how to properly cleanse, hydrate and define your hair to achieve your simple long lasting Wash & Go. This Service Includes Cleansing, Hydrating, Defining & Curl by Curl Cut. All to set you up for the WIN

Works for Curls

2 hours

Are you a curly or kinky natural that has been dreaming of wearing a Wash & Go that has not Went in less than 24hr. This service includes Clarifying(detoxing), Cleansing, Hydrating, Defining & Curl by Curl Cut. We also walk you through the steps & products to continue your journey after you leave the salon. 

Define & Detox Lesson

2 hours 15 mins

Are you a curly or kinky natural that have been dreaming of wearing a Wash & Go that has not Went in less than 24hr. This service includes Clarifying (gently detoxing) Cleansing, Hydrating, Defining. We also walk you through the steps & products to continue our journey after you leave the salon.

Works for Silk Press 

1 hour 30 mins

Perfect for the person that has not had a silk press or it’s been over 3months since your last visit. Also the person that has been using the lots of oil concoctions and butter and the hair is dry and still dehydrated. Includes Clarifying(detox) Cleansing, Hydrating, Steam, Olapex, or Protein, Trim and Blow Dryer and Silked

Works for Twist

2 hours

This service includes a consultation going over your lifestyle, hair goal, and a plan to get there. We will then Detox your hair removing product build-up from oils, butters and all of the numerous substances that today’s naturals are putting on their hair. Cleansing followed by Hydrating the hair and stretching it would be next, to trim your ends. Your hair will be finished with a two-strand twist.

Virtual Consultation with Product Training 

1 hour

This is an hour zoom consultation where we dive into the What, When, Why & How’s of your how and develop a game plan for where you would like to be. We will also go over product recommendations and proper usage. (product not include, can be purchased for additional fee)

LiTedra is a great hairstylist as well as an educator. As a client and as a mentee, I have seen and experienced her from sitting in her chair and from behind the chair. She’s compassionate about her work. She’s dedicated to her clients as well as the industry as a whole. What you see in her is what you get…authentic.

Kim Tarver

Stylist at Gracebykim

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