New Client Services 

Our “Works’ ‘Services are all-inclusive designed with the new client in mind to provide them with most desired results. (A new client is considered a person that has never received a service with us or their last service has been longer than 16 weeks).

What you get

  • These services start off with an in-depth consultation learning as much as we can about the client’s hair history, lifestyle and essential elements.
  • We also help with establishing short term & long term goals, and a game plan with recommended products and appointment visits to achieve those goals.
  • We will be gently detoxing to remove butter/oil/petroleum/PEG/silicone/ Wetline Gel/Eco Styler Gel ….. that have been hindering your hair from its true potential.
  • Restoring hair with Olaplex/Moisture/Protein as needed.
  • Making sure ends are at a superior state by trimming or shaping them so that your tresses are at their best expression. 
  • After these steps are taken we will proceed with whichever service that follows the “Works”.
  • Works For Curls also include a detailed styling lesson with visuals images and a step by step take home regimen on how to achieve a 7 Day Wash & Go.

Getting the most out of your service

  • COME CLEAN. We need your hair to be free of oils at least 7days prior to your appointment. Please remove ALL twists, coils, braids, etc.. Prior to your appointment. A $25 fee will be applied to your session if we need more time to remove excessive amounts of oil, knots, or matting.
  • COME WITH. Bring your hair goals pictures, and short term goals & long term goals so we can collaborate a plan for your natural hair  journey.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Our Works Services are a non-chemical visit, if you are interested in a color service, it will be discussed during your initial visit and can be scheduled for your following appointment.

Before you book

  • We do not make hair care recommendations over the phone. If you would like us to address a specific concern, please book a “Works Service”.
  • To avoid a scheduling conflict, YOU MUST BOOK A WORKS SERVICE as your 1st appointment (Works For Curls, Works For Twist or Works For Silk-Press)  After your first visit, you’re free to select other services from the menu. If you select a service that is not specified as a “Works”, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment.
  • BOOK ONLINE. All appointments required to be made via online. If you call a book, you will still be redirected to our site.

New Beginning 

$115 • 1 hour 30 minutes

This is for the client that is ready for a New Beginning. We will give you a short cute cut, detox what is left and style with defined curls or coils.

Works For Curls Follow-up  

$60 • 1 hour

This appointment is a follow up appointment within 3 weeks from the time you’ve had your Works For Curls and are ready to master your Set. Come with you questions & pictures of your set you’ve attempted.

Virtual Consultation With Product Training

$60 • 1 hour

This is an hour zoom consultation where we dive into the What, When, Why & How’s of your how and develop a game plan for where you would like to be.  We will also go over product recommendations and proper usage. (product not include, can be purchased for additional fee).